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Tim Sneath 氏の「The Bumper List of Windows 7 Secrets」を読んで


後日のために簡単にまとめておいたものの、その日のうちに実践してしまいました。 実際にやってみてわかったことも補足しましたが、当方の環境では確認できなかった事項もありました。それらのメモも一緒にしておきます。

Windows Management

Display Projection

Cut Out The Clutter

Multi-Monitor Windows Management

Command Junkies Only

It's a Global Village

The Black Box Recorder

The Font of All Knowledge


Who Stole My Browser

Rearranging the Furniture

Installing from a USB Memory Stick

I Want My Quick Launch Toolbar Back

It's a Drag

Standards Support

Windows Vista-Style Taskbar

Peeking at the Desktop

Running with Elevated Rights

One More of the Same, Please

Specialized Windows Switching

Walking Through the Taskbar

The Widescreen Tip

Pin Your Favorite Folders

Starting Explorer from "My Computer"

ClearType Text Tuning and Display Color Calibration

ISO Burning

Windows Movie Maker

Hiding the Windows Live Messenger Icon

Enjoy The Fish

When All Else Fails

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